Alumni making a difference against Covid-19


Fearless and Empowered – Efe’s transformative life journey

“I hated my life experiences and was ashamed of my upbringing. But now I am proud of them because I changed the narrative and have become the person I want to be. And I am using that experience to empower other women to be fearless and go after the life they truly deserve.”
Oxford Brookes played a pivotal role in Efe Fruci’s inspirational success.

Healthcare heroes


Finding and saving unique ecosystems

Professor Julian Bayliss turned his love of nature into a career dedicated to conserving nature – discovering new species and new rainforests. The skills he developed in his PhD at Brookes have been crucial to his work.

Mike Leigh – motivating people to care

“My films are not polemics. I don’t make films that say ‘think this!’ But any film that motivates people to care about life is an activist film. I invite people to take away stuff to ponder, reflect on and argue about.”