Alumni stories

Fearless and Empowered – Efe’s transformative life journey

“I hated my life experiences and was ashamed of my upbringing. But now I am proud of them because I changed the narrative and have become the person I want to be. And I am using that experience to empower other women to be fearless and go after the life they truly deserve.”
Oxford Brookes played a pivotal role in Efe Fruci’s inspirational success.

Healthcare heroes

Honorary graduates

Erinch Sahan: enterprising fairness

Oxford Brookes is a long-standing champion of Fair Trade and in 2019 awarded Erinch Sahan, CEO of the World Fair Trade Organization, an honorary doctorate. Erinch spoke to Observe about sustainable ways of doing business that give economically marginalised and …

Akala – Making it cool to be clever

Award winning hip-hop artist, education activist and author, Akala received an honorary doctorate from Oxford Brookes in June 2018. We caught up with him before the ceremony to discuss his theatre production company, The Hip-hop Shakespeare Company and his lifelong …


Mike Leigh – motivating people to care

“My films are not polemics. I don’t make films that say ‘think this!’ But any film that motivates people to care about life is an activist film. I invite people to take away stuff to ponder, reflect on and argue about.”

Making waves through lifesaving research

Professor Helen Dawes’ research is benefiting children and adults with disorders including cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and autism. Discover how she used a rowing adventure to provide new insights into Parkinson’s.