Adeyemi’s story – the benefits and rewards of school governance

Have you ever considered becoming a school governor? Think you’re an unsuitable candidate as you’re not a parent or education professional? Think again. School governance gives university staff and alumni the opportunity to support lifelong learning for children and young people and is done voluntarily alongside any career. 

So, what does governance look like for recent graduates? Governors for Schools caught up with Adeyemi Ladejobi to gain some first-hand governance insights from an Oxford Brookes alumnus and learn about how his 13 years’ experience as a Senior Business Analyst shaped his decision to apply. Adeyemi studied Business Accounting and governs at Newton Hill primary school. 

Adeyemi’s story

What first inspired you to get into governance? 

A strong and unquenchable desire to give back to my community led me on the path of governance. I am a strong advocate of education, having benefitted from a high-quality education throughout childhood. In the past, I also supported initiatives where funding was allocated to repairing and renovating schools and have given tips to 16/17 year olds on how to conduct and ace interviews. My passion for supporting educational projects encouraged me to apply for a governance role and I was appointed as a governor at Newton Hill primary school in Wakefield, England. 

What have you found most rewarding about the role? 

I have appreciated the opportunity to strategically shape young people’s lives through initiatives, training, selecting good teachers, improving the school curriculum, making the school a safe space for children, and making a difference that will shape their futures. 

In what ways has governance impacted your career trajectory as a graduate? 

Governance has equipped me with board experience in debating, assessing, and approving (or rejecting) initiatives that support the school’s development and growth. Personally, I’ve grown by learning so much about the UK primary school educational system. One more thing I would add is that I also mentor and coach upcoming Business Analysts

What skills and abilities can university alumni bring to the table? 

I contribute with an out-of-the-box thought process, a logical approach to problem-solving, an educational mind-set, and creative thinking. 

What advice would you give fellow alumni thinking about volunteering as a governor? 

Don’t procrastinate. Go for it! It is very rewarding. You’ll give back to society and grow in a strategic manner, which can help your career as you eventually seek non-executive director roles and senior management opportunities. 

Inspired by Adeyemi’s story? Volunteer as a governor today! 

When you apply to become a governor, we’ll match your skillset to a school in need, so you can be sure you’re having a positive impact and making a difference to children. You can apply to become a governor on the Governors for Schools website. Once you’ve applied, we’ll assign you a dedicated partnership manager to guide you through the placement process.  

Find out more about becoming a school governor

Governors offer strategic guidance, rather than getting involved in the operational aspects of a school. As such, a governor’s relationship with the school’s leadership team involves working with, and challenging, existing processes to drive improvement. Governors attend around six meetings per year and there are many personal benefits to getting involved. We know that school governors enhance key transferable skills through the role and bring those skills back to the workplace. These can include team working, negotiation, problem-solving, business awareness, decision making, and other technical skills. You’ll also have the rewarding privilege of supporting young people’s futures. 

Governors for Schools works with universities to encourage alumni and staff into governance roles, offering support throughout the whole application process. Our many governor resources, ongoing campaigns, webinars, eLearning modules, and dedicated partnership managers are here to ensure you receive all the support you need to transition into a role in governance.