How architecture research can support healthcare

Veronika Schröpfer ’14 is Head of EU Research Projects at the Architects’ Council of Europe in Brussels. She talks about how architects can support the health sector in the Covid-19 crisis.

“The European Commission has launched a call to all participants in their research projects, whatever subjects they are working on, searching for ways the funded research and development could be used to support the health sector.

“As a result I launched a call to all European architects searching, for instance, for:

  • Small 3D printing companies able to print medical equipment and…
  • Larger companies able to print building parts for emergency clinics to overcome the gap in supply chain.
  • HVAC simulation companies able to switch to monitoring the spread of a virus through ventilation in supermarkets and shopping centres.
  • Companies who can provide modular building parts and containers
  • And those able to quickly build extra clinical space etc.

“The response was overwhelming!

“The European Commission shares the lists collected by so many of us with all member states, so each country can decide who to contact for what they require where. The best of it is that no one in Brussels is interested in Brexit, the UK is our friend and needs our help and we also search for you – together we are stronger!”

Veronika’s lockdown tip

“Gardening and cycling, if you can.”

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