Local alumni chapters – what they do and how you can join in

Local chapters are a way to bring alumni together and run a programme of activities based around members’ interests and to build a network of advocates to support the Oxford Brookes community and recruitment. Different chapters do different things but they usually involve running events, networking and socialising.

Despite the pandemic, our chapters have gone from strength to strength in the last year – with new chapters up and running in both Oxford and London.

Vijay Krishnarayan ’97
London Chapter Lead

“I’ve benefited from the opportunities I’ve had as a result of the time I spent at Brookes. Getting involved in the London Chapter provided an opportunity to pay something back and show some gratitude.”

Online events have been a necessity due to Covid – but have proved a huge success, attracting audiences that would probably not have been able to attend face-to-face events.

Oliver Moufarrej ’18
Germany Chapter Lead

“We organised two online sessions and invited speakers to give a keynote before going into breakout rooms to socialise and network. In our latest alumni event, a chapter colleague, Jude, shared best practices on how to better market oneself on LinkedIn. I learned a lot!”

Supporting student recruitment is one area where our chapters in China have been particularly successful – working in partnership with our Brookes Global team. However it’s not all work and no play, and despite the pandemic our Shanghai Chapter were able to hold a Christmas social event.

Tina Wang ’11
Shanghai Chapter Leader

“We held a Christmas event in Shanghai, and about 20 alumni attended. And maybe we will have a masked ball in October or November, but that’s just an idea at the moment.”

With the Covid pandemic still with us, chapters in the UK are currently planning online only events for the foreseeable future. The Oxford Chapter has exciting plans to hold a coaching and mentoring event in the autumn – to support new graduates entering a difficult job market – as well as an event during Global Entrepreneurship Week in November.

There are many reasons to join your local alumni chapter and however you choose to participate, you will be benefiting Oxford Brookes and joining a mutually supportive community.

Vijay sums it up, “It’s given me a sense of connection with the university. It’s not a material reward but it feels good knowing that we’re helping alumni connect and support each other.”

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