Our partners in education – Solihull

Observe spoke to an alumna and a student, from opposite sides of the world and with very different ambitions, who are both using the practical, real-life skills they learned at Oxford Brookes partner institutions over 5,000 miles apart.

Leah Lansdown ’18

Studied BA Early Childhood Studies at Solihull College & University Centre, West Midlands, UK

“My experience in education before college wasn’t the best. At the time, no-one realised I had ADHD and Aspergers, and I missed a lot of learning by being kept out of the classroom. Also my family life was challenging.

“I was the quiet one, so was seen as no trouble, whereas actually I was struggling. This made me realise how disabilities are hidden unless you are trained in what to look for.”

I find it so rewarding to pass on strategies I have been taught to use myself

“At Solihull College, I was grateful for some amazing tutors who really helped me understand my condition and accept it as a positive strength. On my graduation day I felt proud to look back and realise how far I had come, reflecting on many things I had to overcome throughout my life.

“Now I work as a Teaching Assistant for Children with Additional Needs. I find it so rewarding to pass on strategies I have been taught to use myself, to the children I work with, to support them the same way I was supported.”

Words: Becky Mansfield

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