Akala or Shakespeare?

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Welcome to the Akala or Shakespeare? quiz.

Akala's Hip-hop Shakespeare Company explores the parallels between Shakespeare and hip-hop. He often challenges lecture audiences to identify quotes as either hip-hop or Shakespeare. But can you identify which of the following quotes are from Akala's own songs and which are Shakespeare's?


"We know what we are
  But know not what we may be"
"My friends were poor but honest"
"All that you see me do I own but I
  Won't hang what I make around my neck"
"The greed you’re talking about is worse than lust
  Because you won’t outgrow it"
"These violent delights have violent ends
  And in their triumph die like fire and powder"
"Accept laws that I know that deceive me
  So I can sleep in my bed"
"I take fear and peer into the hearts of men
  And show you they're cowards"
"Eliminate the foes who propose
  To suppose a different course"
"The schools of Timbuktu they already knew
  The cycles of the planet and the motion of the moon"
"Not marble nor the gilded monuments
  Of princes shall outlive this powerful rhyme"

Akala has described Shakespeare as "the quantum physics of literature" - but did you find this quiz that hard?

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